How to use the interdental brush?


It is very important to protect the teeth. It is also necessary to clean the forehead of the mouth in time after each meal. How to use the interdental brush? How often?

How to use interdental brush:

1. Gently extend the interdental brush that is suitable for your own size into the interdental space, and operate back and forth 2-3 times to clean the interdental space and remove the residue.

2. If it is difficult to brush, the angle of the brush head needs to be adjusted, please gently bend the neck position of the interdental brush.

3. Put the bristles with food residues into a water cup or wash them with a tap, remove the residues on the bristles, and place them in a ventilated place to dry.

How often to change the interdental brush:

Replace once every three days to avoid bacteria. Under normal use, it is recommended to replace it every three days to avoid bacteria breeding in the interdental brush. It can also be adjusted according to personal use habits or tooth problems. Friends who use the interdental brush for the first time should start from the small size. When using it, look at the mirror and insert the interdental brush into the teeth. Then gently move back and forth to clear the gap between the teeth that cannot be brushed by the toothbrush.

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