Why switch to an eco-friendly toothbrush?


Most people don’t think about the toothbrushes they throw away. It is becoming a serious dilemma globally. Small steps can have tremendous outcomes. As consumers, we can redirect a big volume of trash from landfills and coastlines.

Simply make mindful choices regarding the commodities that we use every day. Shifting to an eco-friendly toothbrush is a great step to begin with. It is easier to spot choices to contemporary products everywhere.

Oh and let’s not forget about the packaging. Most packaging is made from biodegradable paper with no glue. Most of those compostable wraps are made from plants.

Regular plastic toothbrushes may be a perfect place for bacteria to build up if not stored properly. Bamboo handles retain its antimicrobial property.No need to worry anymore about bacterial growth on your toothbrush.

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