Yoga eye pillow
  • Yoga eye pillow

Yoga eye pillow

100% biodegradable

Plastic free linen cotton material

Customized size,removable cover

100% vegan,recyclable packaging

Naturally antibacterial and Non-toxic

Machine/Hands washable

Suitable for relaxation and meditation

What is an eye pillow?

An eye pillow is actually a little pillow filled with organic lavender and flax seed to place on your eyes and forehead. 

You'll find the soft shape will contour to your face with gentle pressure while blocking out the harsh light.

Perfect for deep relaxation and meditation, eye pillows can also be used for headache relief. 

How to use an eye pillow?

Find a comfortable spot to lie down and place the eye pillow on your eyes. You will immediately feel the relaxing effect and, after use, the skin around your eyes will feel refreshed.

How to Heat the Eye Pillow?

Place the pack in the microwave after removing all tags (ensure the surface is clean and dry and can rotate freely). Heat at 10 second intervals (do not exceed 1 minute in total) and carefully check the temperature at each interval. NB: Allow the heated pack to stand for 20-30 seconds before use.

What are the benefits of using an eye pillow?


our soft cotton and linen material cover is removable, washable and has a double stitched outer case to prevent fraying.

the premium fabric is soft enough to touch on your dkin directly.


perfectly weighted to relax the muscles in your face and forehead.

helps block out distractions and helps soothe the mind, whether during yoga, meditation, sleep or blissful moments of relaxation.

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