Biodegradable bamboo straws
  • Biodegradable bamboo straws

Biodegradable bamboo straws

100% biodegradable bamboo

Easy to cleaning

100% vegan

100% recyclable packaging

Naturally antibacterial and Non-toxic

Why bamboo? 

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree – it’s actually a grass and has an amazing growth rate.

After being cut, it will continue to grow at a fast rate while absorbing carbon dioxide and producing up to 35% more oxygen than other plants.

Because of its environmentally friendly features, it is widely used among eco-conscious individuals.

What we want to replace?

It will replace Plastic toothbrushes.

Bamboo toothbrushes are natural and no chemicals are attached to it, hence it is recommended by Physicians.

As per our Dentist’s suggestions, we should replace them at least every three-four months, so it means that every person should chuck 4 plastic 

toothbrushes into landfill each year at least.

How it will be better for our lifestyle?

There are plenty of benefits of using a bamboo toothbrush. Switching to a bamboo toothbrush help save the environment, especially the oceans, from being destroyed.

Using a bamboo toothbrush is as effective as a manual plastic toothbrush. The difference is that handle is made from bamboo which is strong, biodegradable and has no 

negative impact on the planet.

If it is a choice between a wooden handle and adding to the ever-growing pile of plastic toothbrushes in landfill I definitely be sure what I’m choosing.

They do the same thing, the bristles are the same, but they enormously cut down on rubbish plastic waste, isn’t it better for environmental cause?

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