Biodegradable bath belt
  • Biodegradable bath belt

Biodegradable bath belt

Organic hemp, sisal, mesh or cotton material

100% biodegradable

Plastic free

100% vegan

100% recyclable packaging

Naturally antibacterial and Non-toxic

Washable and reusable

Deeply cleansing for combination skin type

Excellent water absorbent

Why we love eco bath sponge?

Sisal bath fibers are made up of fibers from Sisal plant grown in the American Continent.

The material is flexible and absorb water perfectly with their small porous structure.

Sisal products are suitable for combination type of skins and they deeply cleanse the acnes and blackheads with their peeling effect and increase the blood circulation with their massaging effect and help prevent formation of cellulite.

Natural sisal hemp bath scrubber exfoliates, smooths and softens dead skin. Leaving your body soothes and revitalised.

It will both cleanse and massage your body with a great refreshed feeling. 

PLASTIC FREE Both the bath scrubber and the packaging are completely plastic-free because zero-waste is extremely important to us.

The natural bath scrubber are 100% vegan and consist exclusively of sustainable materials – sisal, wood & cotton.

How to use an eco bath scrubber?

1.To be wet with warm water.

2.Apply soap to produce a rich lather.

3.Gently massage to skin in a circular motion. Rinse in clean water and leave to dry naturally after each use.

Taste the joys of the SPA at home. The simple use of this body exfoliating sponge will give you a feeling of fullness and total relaxation during your shower.

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