Exfoliating Natural Soap Saver Bags
  • Exfoliating Natural Soap Saver Bags

Exfoliating Natural Soap Saver Bags

Organic Hemp and Sisal fibre

100% biodegradable

Plastic free

100% vegan

100% recyclable packaging

Naturally antibacterial and Non-toxic

Makes soap last longer

Washable and reusable

Why we love soap saver bag?

The soap saver bags made from a fairly soft knitted sisal yarn, which gently exfoliates the skin.

Pop the soap shards in the bag and use instead of a plastic scrunchy or sponge in the shower.

PLASTIC FREE Both the sisal soap saver bags and the packaging are completely plastic-free because zero-waste is extremely important to us. The natural soap bags are 100% vegan and consist exclusively of sustainable materials – sisal, wood & cotton.

How to use a soap saver bag?

This hemp soap saver bag can either be used to store little bits of pieces of soap, or use it to keep a whole soap bar in it. 

If you use the bag to pop all of your odd bits of soap inside, this way you will get to use every last scrap of soap without dropping them or it sliding out of your hands.

After each use, remember to hang the soap saver pouch in the shower to dry  to keep your soap clean and help them to last longer. 

When the soap in the pouch is finished, rinse it well and throw the soap saver pouch in with a load of laundry. Made of high quality natural sisal, you can be sure of these soap pouches longevity.

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